A bird fell out of the sky because it forgot how to fly.

If you don’t forget how to breathe, you are close to discovering the Self.


Follow the breath.



The Self is the abundant treasure hidden beneath piles and piles of ideas and personalities.

If you’re ready for this treasure, roll up your sleeves, and use the shovel of self-observation to empty the ground the Self waits in.

P.S. – When you find it, the whole world will be richer.

Can you find peace?

Hint: It’s in the room where you find the origin of your thoughts.

Can you find the origin of your thoughts?

Close your eyes and go look.

Being is to flow in the river towards the Infinite Ocean of Love, as the Infinite Ocean of Love.

Thinking is to build a dam, and to focus on how to make it last forever.

But, the river still flows.

The emptiness you discover when you look deep within yourself is the space that holds the entire universe.