Might I pull back

The double curtains of

Life and Love

To see what lies beyond?

To get to you,

Must I only

Look beyond the ego,

Dive deep beneath

The infinite ocean,

And fly over

The expansive sky?

Tell me,

Where next do we meet

As one?

I woke up

In the middle of the night

And went looking

For all that I possessed.

I saw my thoughts

Coming and going as they pleased,

My children claiming

What I once thought was mine

And love escaping

Through my heart’s pocket.

Nothing I own is mine

When I have dissolved

Inside the mind of the divine.

So I went back to sleep,


I have given in.

I surrender my actions

To be the brush strokes

Life uses to paint

Its animated images

Of a world that reflects

The boundlessness of Love.

I attempt to

Join my awareness

With the living

That Life is doing now.

Life’s living is the cushion

On which I sit and practice.

Certain thoughts

Are like a pair

Of strong arms

Lifting me off

The meditation cushion.

At those times,

I let go deeper,

Becoming like water,

To flow beyond the mind.