I looked for me in the things I do

And found only ideas, expectations, and fears.

Then I looked for me beyond me

And found light, an infinite ocean, and an all-encompassing cosmic wave of Love.

For awhile, I stopped looking.

I lost the sense of me.

It was ever evolving, ever unfolding.

Now, I have a glimpse of Reality

Beneath the unfolding

That whispers, “I am what I am not

And what I am not is what I’ve always been.”

If you are looking for Self,

Find water in water,

Love in Love,

Life in Life,

Everything in Nothing.

And all of that in This.

If you allow it,

The divine will remove all the identities you wear, layer by layer,

Until only your true nature remains.

Don’t get it twisted. This is not a metaphor.

Self-liberation is paradoxical, In that we…

Lose to gain,

Separate to connect,

Experience the dark to see the light,

Die to live, and

End to begin anew.