path to being



Within myself.

Like entering the deepest depths

Of a tunnel

While facing the one light of many worlds.

Coming to rest,


In a new home that has claimed me as its own

Somewhere between

Seeing the Light

And being embraced by the Dark.

At home now,

In the shadowy depths of the Self.

Look –

Beyond the rhythm of the Self,


Inviting me

To be as it is –

Dancing to its own music

Composed by 10 billion expressions

Of Itself.

Now dance.


I am like a dandelion

Rooted in the palms of Life

Wind comes.

My wholeness is in pieces

Being gently blown

Across the field of Love.


Now anchors me

Inside the infinite ocean of Love

And carries me nowhere

To experience everything.

I am the cushion

On which the

Present moment sits.

Its weight I can handle,

But when Yesterday and Tomorrow

Add their weight,

I am flattened.

As it goes,

Now is the only weight

That keeps me firm.

Old man sitting in my house,


Guiding me to God,


“Let go. Let go,” he said.

Hold on to just being,


And now we share the same home,