infinite ocean of love

What are you?

Really imagine a cup holding the entire Atlantic Ocean, without losing a single drop.

On life’s journey, we are always arriving to begin again.

Always loving to love again.

Always becoming to be again.

Yes, we are ever unfolding like an unending cosmic wave of love.

Being is to flow in the river towards the Infinite Ocean of Love, as the Infinite Ocean of Love.

Thinking is to build a dam, and to focus on how to make it last forever.

But, the river still flows.

I am the unending unfolding of not knowing.

What I am is not known, and I am progressing, moment by moment, towards the realization of what I am.

As I allow Love, the Infinite Ocean of Love, the all-inclusive and expansive cosmic wave of Love consciousness, to be in the foreground of my lived experience, of my being in the world, then I will be more of what I am, as opposed to what I think that I am.

I am ever moving towards that which I do not know, but am.