spiritual partnership

The Divine has opened the door to his Infinite Mind and allowed me access,

While at the same time, she has taken up residence in my house.

It is the new model of shared accommodation.

The ego and the mind move speedily towards my house.

It’s a pity they don’t know that the Divine has changed all the locks and is holding onto the keys.

Poor things.

When the vessel utters “Om,” it becomes a ripple in the Infinite Ocean of Love.

From ripple back to stillness, never for a second being separated from the Ocean.

No thought,

No hope,

No expectations,

No fears,

No plans,

No needs,

No desires,

No tomorrow,

Only the Infinite One and Now.


I dined with Love this morning.

She gave me a message for you. She said that it is true that when the student is ready, the master will appear. And that it is also true that the master has been here all along.

Love is always here, ready.

Love has been waiting for you since the beginning.

She said you are now ready.

Divine Principle, you have blessed me, inhabited me, taken me over completely;

Not to be a “me,” but to be you, through and through.

You are my purpose.

There is only being you.