self liberation

You are incredibly courageous.

Despite everything, you are still here, choosing to give Life your best.

The world can have no power over you, since

The power that causes the world is within you.

Find that which is within you, and

Change your world.

Inside the heart of someone close to you, is a desert.

Your ego, when sacrificed, converts into an oasis that refreshes their heart,

And, in the process, frees yours.

Have you heard about the race?

The one where every soul is racing towards its union with Absolute Reality.


Well, see you at the finish line.


Have you heard the expression, “That’s a solid thought.”

Well, solid thoughts are nothing more than a joke and a good example of an oxymoron. You try to ‘hold onto’ them, and they are not there. We simply grasp at the memory of them, and sometimes our ideas about them. Thoughts about thoughts, and ideas about thoughts. It is like attempting to freeze smoke. We do not actually freeze smoke, only the particles it is made of. We do not hold onto thoughts, only their impressions and the ideas they generate.  Do not hold onto these. They will only create attachments and bondage.

Watch thoughts come and go like smoke.