ego mind

The mind is like a sticky label looking for anything to attach itself to,

The ego is the label gun waiting to shoot the mind to a specific target,

And the Self is the hand that will never squeeze the trigger.

With regards to fire, the alarm saves.

So it is with our inner voice, saving us from those two arsonists called mind and ego.

Thoughts in the mind are like fake warriors, led by a general called ego, on their way to an illusory battle called my life happening at an illusive time called the future.

Avoid the false.

Realize the real.

In every interaction with others, we can choose to engage with the words they speak, with the thoughts formed by their ego-mind, or with the Divine within them.

We always get to choose.

Tell me about the Mind of Love.

The Mind of Love is like an infinite ocean that is home to all of creation.

The Mind of Love thinks only about itself, you.

The Mind of Love knows only truth and its knowledge stretches beyond the boundaries of what the ego mind can know.

Most importantly, the Mind of Love is your Mind.

What is hurt but unrealized expectations.

What are expectations but the mind’s attachments.

What are the mind’s attachments but belief in the false concept of separation.

And what is separation but a lie – the biggest lie ever believed.

Uncover the lie and find Truth peacefully waiting for you.

Then no more hurt.