surrender to love

Nothing in this whole universe

Moves faster than

The speed of Love.

So, slow down.



Love has already won.

The joy of my existence

Is surrendering “my”

And being swallowed up by Love.

Day after day.

And it’s not only me,

Love swallows up all people and all things.

It has an insatiable appetite.

At the point of being grasped by Love,

You might be tempted to pull back.


Stay put.

Allow love to embrace you.

Do not let you escape.

What is this tune?

It has me on the edge of my seat, on the tip of my toes.

It has my heart dancing, my soul humming, my body swaying.

I hear your tune.

I feel it all throughout my being.

Keep playing.

Keep playing, you Instrument of Love.