We and the Divine have an all-rounded relationship.

The Divine is the Circle. We are the circumference, and surface of that Circle.

We are the experience the Circle is having.

Wherever It goes, we go. We roll together as one.

We are absolutely inseparable from It.

I mean, can you ever remove the circumference from a circle?

That is the same likelihood of separating ourselves from the Divine.



Is it terrible that one prefers trees to buildings;

A dirt path to a smooth paved road; 

Climbing a mountain to traversing the plane; 

Silence to speaking; 

Both the sun and the rain; 

Holding your hands to walking alone; 

Sleeping to eating; 

Small villages to developed cities; 

Zen and praying; 

Us and me? 

Tell me, is that all so terrible? 

Dear You,

It’s me. The Present. I see who you are now, not who you were, or who you want to be. And, I gotta say, I love what I see. Absolute perfection!

Ever yours,
The Present

Oh, please. Do not pretend like we don’t talk everyday about the important work you are being.

I know you think about it all the time. You’re thinking about it now.

I have also heard from reliable sources that you are happiest, most alive, and prosperous when you practice what we talk about.

Keep it up.

What is difficult, but the deceptive practice and belief that we can/should/want to do things on our own, without listening to Spirit?

Everywhere I turn, you are there. I am not complaining, but I do wonder if you ever get bored of following yourself around.

I sure hope not. It makes me feel important, having a divine stalker.

Dear Soul Sibling,

I wanted to remind you that you are never outside of Love’s reassuring embrace. There is no place you can go, situation you can face, or state of mind you can be in to escape it. Read Full Article