What is so frightening to the mind about Love?

Well, it will have to give up its antics, its thoughts about being abandoned, fears of the world, and all its judgments.

In other words, the mind would have to abandon all that it’s built on.

Your only option is to bypass the mind to get to Love.

We can experience the splendor of the universe right where we are.

But it is way cooler to go out and meet it.

What you experience will take your breath away.

How is it that I can understand when the French woman explains the menu;

When the Spanish man tells me where to go; 

And when the Danish couple talk about their children; 

All in their own language;

Yet we misunderstand each other when we both ask for love and compassion, in plain English?

For breakfast this morning, try some good company. Feel free to add some bread with a little berry jam and tea.