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The sanctuary you are looking for forever travels with you.

So, stop looking and start visiting.

To be awakened to Self, to the Infinite, is to stand at the end and in the middle of two poles:

To be religious and non-religious,

To be at peace and to be tormented,

To be connected to all life and to be alone,

To express unconditional Love towards all and to not be attached to anyone,

To be empty of self and full of Self,

To be and not to be.

Look beyond thoughts, beyond feelings.

Look beyond words, beyond all sense-objects.

Look beyond stillness, beyond silence.

Look beyond Self, beyond Consciousness.

Look beyond Love.

Look beyond looking itself.

Then you truly see what you truly are, what the world is.

Do not rely on the mind.

It leads to all kinds of trouble.

Instead, follow the path of Self.

How to tell the difference?

Self expands, mind contracts.

Self guides, mind punishes.

Self accepts, mind rejects.

Self gives, mind takes.

Self loves, mind attaches.

Self listens, mind blabbers.

Self attends to the present, mind attends to past and future.

When you privilege Self, it becomes prominent and mind recedes.

So, be more Self and less mind.