Be careful that another has not hijacked your choosing function. Believe me, it can happen.

Look at the schools we attend, the people we vote for, and the crazy hours we wake up in the morning to soothe our child.

Who is choosing for you?

I don’t know about you, but I have taken some measures.

I found a wise Being, lodged him in my consciousness, and asked him to help me choose. So far,  he is worth all the time I spend with him in silence.

Recently, he told me his secret: “I am your highest Self.”

Who is choosing for you?

It is easy, and therefore tempting, to find fault. 

If you insist on finding it, be careful you don’t lose a part of your self in the process.

Best to leave fault lost.

How much attention must we give to the terrain as we walk through life? 

Does it matter what kind of pot we use to cook our favorite meal? Or the type of clothes we wear in winter?

Life lives itself. 

Our favorite meal is already that. 

Winter always comes. 

Pay attention to the other stuff. 

Who would have guessed it.

Your brilliance reaches the whole world. And you didn’t need anyone’s permission.