Things Will Not Get Better, Only You Will

If you are in a job, relationship, church, business deal, or life where you feel trapped, this article is especially for you.

This feeling of being trapped is a deep knowing that you must get out now, yet feeling unable to do so. It is as though you do not have the strength, courage, or will to move. You think that there is something wrong with you for wanting to escape that job, relationship, business deal, religious system, or life. You think it is because you are weak, lazy, childish, being a victim, etc why you have the urge to escape.

You have been convincing yourself that you can stay in your trap. You can bear it. Sometimes you think that things will change, that things will improve. It even seems that way at times. You tell yourself that things will get better, over time. You find it difficult to explain to others why you choose to stay. Actually, as you explain it to them, your own reasons seem irrational to you. Yet, you continue to justify staying in the trap. It will get better soon.

No. It will not.

Wake up!

If the description above speaks to you, you have found yourself at an important crossroad. What you are experiencing goes much deeper than wanting to escape unpleasant situations. Your experience has less to do with the job, relationship, church, business deal, and life than as it has to do with the liberation of your soul – your true Self.

There is a truth within you that is ready to be liberated. This truth is your authentic Self. This truth is your path. Only you can set it free. It will become harder and harder for you to stay in that relationship, job, business deal, church, or life. You will escape the trap when you liberate your Self.

You liberate yourself as you listen to and obey that voice deep within your soul. It is the same voice that you have been hearing all your life, but now seems to have gotten louder. It is almost deafening sometimes. You know this voice very well. Sometimes you choose to disobey it. When you do, you tend to experience pain, suffering, disappointment, etc. You always end up realizing that you should have listened to your “gut”. That is the voice. Your gut is the voice of your true Self. Obey this voice and you will be freed from your traps. You will be liberated.

When you are liberated, you will see things more clearly. Your eyes will be opened. You will see your true path and purpose. You will know where to go with this life you have been allowed to experience. You will know and understand reality. You will experience true happiness. You will experience bliss. And you will want to help others do the same.

We each have plenty of opportunities throughout the day to free our Self from the traps of this world. Choose one. Sit with it for a few moments. Meditate on it. Allow your True Self , your gut to guide you. Obey. And be free.


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