You might not have realized it, on account of some minor individual special touches by the Divine Designer –

Everyone is as you are,

Pure, Infinite Love.

There is a vast emptiness within me that holds the entire Universe.

I see that it is also within you,

Which means that the idea that you and I are human beings is a gross misconception.

We are universe beings. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Your meditation “cushion” is like a portal that can take you beyond the boundaries of the physical universe straight into the arms of Infinite Love.

Sit still.



Learn the secrets of the portal.

Be with Love.

Be Love.

What is real?

Constantly ask yourself this question.

The changing nature of things – feelings, thoughts, life situations – prove their futility and unreality.

Find That which does not change. Engage with it. Obey it. And when the time comes, surrender to it.

Then you will know what is Real.

To constantly know what is real from what is not is the path to liberation.

Then you see there is nothing to hold onto, and

No need to hold onto anything.

It is now time for re-creation: for Soul Seekers, the Liberated and Liberators to reveal and express radical harmony, our Love Nation, the true Infinite Spiritual nature of man and his at-one-ment with the Infinite One, God, Supreme Principle.

What does this mean for today?

Knowing this truth alone, and meditating on its reality is acting in the appropriate manner.

For now, knowing Reality is the necessary action.