inner wisdom

How many voices do you have in your head?

And, how many in your heart?

Let them talk,

Find the voice that does not speak.

If you are in a job, relationship, church, business deal, or life where you feel trapped, this article is especially for you.

This feeling of being trapped is a deep knowing that you must get out now, yet feeling unable to do so. It is as though you do not have the strength, courage, or will to move. You think that there is something wrong with you for wanting to escape that job, relationship, business deal, religious system, or life. You think it is because you are weak, lazy, childish, being a victim, etc why you have the urge to escape. Read Full Article

The most beautiful bird, your perfect bird, is in the depths of your soul waiting to be freed.

Listen as it chirps. It sings to you.

Feel it pick at the walls of your heart.

When will you set it free?

Desire makes us deny what we have now:

Our true Self.

Our inner wisdom.

Our true voice.

So pay attention to this culprit called desire. He likes to dwell in the hearts and minds of men.

He is an unwelcomed companion on the path to being.


Your heart is the ocean that houses the most precious pearls.

The pearls in your heart light the path to heaven.

Dive deeper and deeper.

When you find one, share the light.

Then keep on diving.

Heaven is much closer than you think.


Be careful that another has not hijacked your choosing function. Believe me, it can happen.

Look at the schools we attend, the people we vote for, and the crazy hours we wake up in the morning to soothe our child.

Who is choosing for you?

I don’t know about you, but I have taken some measures.

I found a wise Being, lodged him in my consciousness, and asked him to help me choose. So far,  he is worth all the time I spend with him in silence.

Recently, he told me his secret: “I am your highest Self.”

Who is choosing for you?