Road Rage And Breakups

There are no isolated events or words. All actions and speeches are part of a larger unfolding and conversation. Yet, we tend to judge individual actions, events and conversations. When a driver brakes suddenly or your partner declares, “This is not working,” a typical response is to damn them to hell or launch a blaming game. Both are judgments and block learning and possibility.
Compassion opens up learning and reveals possibility.
Consider your most recent actions and words. What larger events and conversations are they a part of? Are they always in alignment with those larger goals? What will happen tomorrow because of your actions and words today? What if we invite our families, friends, clients, colleagues, and fellow citizens into this inquiry about being responsible for manifesting our greatest possibilities?
There might be less road rages and breakups.

2 thoughts on “Road Rage And Breakups

  1. Excellent reminder to refocus & consider so much than the immediate moment…while staying in the present moment with compassion – thanks Pete!


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