A few times a day

I go to the same

Old restaurant – The Cushion

And order the same

Old meal – Emptiness

With some Letting Go

To wash it down.

Well, truth be told

These are the only things

On the menu.

The next time I go dining

I might as well stay

And join the kitchen staff.




Body sensations.

These things do not change the fact of being, the Infinite Ocean of Love nor my devotion.

Peace is seeing through the eyes of the Infinite Ocean of Love,

Knowing only what the Divine Mind knows, and

Having all actions come from the flow of the cosmic breath.

Going after knowledge and happiness outside of the Self is like buying the most expensive glass of wine from the most popular restaurant.

That is the same restaurant that is next to the 100-acre vineyard that is in your name, and that also produces the most exquisite wine in the world.

Our needs are like branches on a tree called “I” or “Ego”.

Get to the bottom of this tree, to its roots, and see the abundance of soil. That is the Self.

What do I desire most…only?

To be with Love, the All.

Love alone sustains me, clothe me, shelters me, feeds me.

It is Love’s thoughts that I think. And Love’s deeds that I perform.

Love’s words I speak. And Love’s life that I live.

Love is All, inside and out.

My heart yearns after Love.

“Look around you. What do you see?”

Only the ocean, the infinite ocean of Love.

“Are you sure that is all you see?”

I’m sure.

“Then, tell me. Can there be a you? Or can there be a you who wants anything, sees anything, experiences anything other than what I want, see, or experience?”

“Look around you. What do you see?”

Imagine God having opening hours, or cut-off points for his love, goodness, and abundance.

Seems impossible, right?

So then stop thinking (Period) that you can experience life without love, goodness, and abundance. It is impossible.