There is no need to be expectant about a better tomorrow.

Now, today, this moment, is absolutely perfect. And, so are you.

Live the better you expect tomorrow, today.

If you have ever been served 90% Dark Chocolate coated Chilli Peppers, you know not to pass judgment on anyone, or anything. It burns.

Let your words and actions be like honey coated strawberries.

Inside the heart of someone close to you, is a desert.

Your ego, when sacrificed, converts into an oasis that refreshes their heart,

And, in the process, frees yours.

Run towards the original Source of “Of course.”

Of course, I want you to be happy.

Of course, you are Loved, unconditionally.

Of course…

There is more.


Close your eyes to open the Mind,

Find solitude to be connected to All,

Take a million steps around the world to be at home,

Sit still to grow,

Keep silent to communicate to the world,

Let everything go to be swept up by Love.

The day spoke to me while it was still waking up.

It said to tell you, “I am going to be absolutely perfect. So be ready!”