Those who come into contact with Divine Love usually come down with a serious case of Lovitis. They cannot help but Love all. Other symptoms include:


High temperature from inner fire that burns away hate and fear,

Always wanting to serve and bless others,

Hugging, and

Smiling, even during what appears to be difficult situations.

If Love is not your thing, you might want to stay away from these people.

The symptoms are highly contagious.

Consider this a friendly warning.

Going after knowledge and happiness outside of the Self is like buying the most expensive glass of wine from the most popular restaurant.

That is the same restaurant that is next to the 100-acre vineyard that is in your name, and that also produces the most exquisite wine in the world.

No thought,

No hope,

No expectations,

No fears,

No plans,

No needs,

No desires,

No tomorrow,

Only the Infinite One and Now.


Your expression of Love towards the Self and others is the remedy that cures all ills.

Fill the mind with thoughts of Love and there can be no space for pain, doubt, or any form of evil.

What is your most prized possession?

What if today you give it away?

Could it possibly help release you from the material world?

Could it liberate you, set you free?

Might it create room for Love and Abundance to abide?

Just wondering.

When change comes, be like the bamboo tree, bending but never breaking, always remaining true to the Principle that made it a bamboo tree.