Living Is The Divine

As you journey along the path to being and towards realizing your union with the Divine,

You will go through stages of:

Living and the Divine,

Living for the Divine,

Living as the Divine, and

Living is the Divine.

Living and the Divine reflects your awareness of the Infinite One. You see the Divine as separate from you.This is an important phase in your spiritual progress. Many religions do a wonderful job at supporting souls with getting to this experience – There is a God. The challenge is that these same religions often keep them there – at separation between soul and the Divine.  God is outside of you, and sits on a throne in a place call heaven. Thankfully, this dualistic belief expires at some point.

Living for the Divine indicates that you have taken an important step towards realizing your intimate relationship with the Divine. You are a little closer to God now, and are more aware of the Divine’s presence. You have realized God. You experience him directly for yourself. You are now a Divine Devotee. You accept that your life is no longer your own. You live for a higher purpose, even if you still remain in the world, working in secular environments. All that you do, say, think, eat, etc are done to glorify God.

Living as the Divine is the experience of surrender. Through your devotion to the Divine, your ego has been obliterated. You have been crucified with Christ. You are submerged in the Infinite Ocean of Love. There is no more “I” or “mine.” All is “Thine.” You see that God alone exists. Hence, you now experience the Divine as your Self. You have moved from duality – Living and the Divine – to nonduality. It is no longer you who does, says, thinks, eats, etc. It is the Divine. You become the experience that the Divine is having. You are now a vessel, a place, a channel for the Infinite One. You are a mobile container transporting the Infinite Ocean of Love. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Living is the Divine is total absorption into the Infinite Ocean of Love.  There is no beginning or end to living. There is no sense of a material world. There is only cosmic consciousness. Everywhere is God. The wave rises. Yet it is the ocean. The wave is the effect of the ocean’s experience. The wave does not know itself as a wave. It knows itself as the ocean rising. This experience is absolute non-duality. Even the term non-duality is somewhat irrelevant here. All Life is God. Or more simply, Life is God. Period.

2 thoughts on “Living Is The Divine

  1. Simple and yet profoundly important distinctions. You provide a way of asking myself “where am I” in this journey and what are my learning tasks at each step. As you say, traditional religious training only took me to the beginning of the journey you describe…and I am still in my infancy in many ways. Aho, brother.


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