Free Yourself

Free yourself from activity.

Be still.

See yourself in the Infinite Ocean of Love and the Infinite Ocean of Love in you.

Then you will be at one with the Divine.

Love will pour out from your very being, soaking everything in its path.

2 thoughts on “Free Yourself

  1. I am finding out that it is not that easy to be still. The hustle and bustle of life threatens to disrupt stillness. And even after seeking to find time and space for your aloneness, the mind still floods you with ” noise”. One has to intentionally practice stillness.


    1. Blessings, Sheila.

      Thank you for sharing such wonderful insights. It’s often loud and rocky before it gets quiet and still. Maybe that is all a part of the stillness. And through it all, the mind tries to convince us that it is either easy or hard. Trust your Self rather than your mind. Your commitment to stillness is a blessing to all of us.

      Love and blessings,


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