Oh, What Love!

Oh, what Love!
What expansive Love!
The weight of It.
The infinitude of It.
The beauty of It.
The Allness of Love.
The satisfaction of Love.
This Love blocked out all else. Nothing can stand in its path; nothing can withstand its power. It is All!
Love simply wants to bring all of creation into its embrace – from the ant to the elephant.
To express this Love to all of creation, there can be no greater work, no greater service.
Oh how grateful I am to have experienced this Love, to have been united with this Love!
What joy, what infinite joy to surrender to Love!

One thought on “Oh, What Love!

  1. Akasha, Love is emanating from your soul through your pen. It fills you and you draw others, including me, into this expansive vast Ocean of Love as you term it. You’re made it seem simple to embrace yet complex to grasp the magnitude of it all.
    Thank you for drawing us is.


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