Love is all

I have given in.

I surrender my actions

To be the brush strokes

Life uses to paint

Its animated images

Of a world that reflects

The boundlessness of Love.

When she went away,

She left me one thing:

She said,

“Love is unbounded and abundant.

It is your only inheritance.”

Since then,

I have been burning through it

Like there is no tomorrow.

What is life about? It is to:

Give all for Love,

Sacrifice all for Love,

Return to Love what is rightfully his – All of you.

Seen from the outside, and through the mind’s eyes, man is nothing but a single-room house.

Yet, when she awakens and sees through Love’s eyes, she opens the door to find an infinite and expanding universe within.

The Divine has opened the door to his Infinite Mind and allowed me access,

While at the same time, she has taken up residence in my house.

It is the new model of shared accommodation.