Experiencing God Inside, Outside

What does it mean that “the Infinite Ocean of Love is within me and I am in the Infinite Ocean of Love”?

Jesus spoke of a similar relationship: “I am in the Father and the Father is in me…” Could this be one noumenon (an experience by itself without interpretation or explanation) seen from two different perspectives, as opposed to the seeming paradox of being in something while that something is also in you? The latter would imply duality in perspectives – the experience and the experiencer, the Infinite Ocean of Love and me, Jesus and the Father (or more accurately, Christ and the Father).

Is this duality?


“I and the Father are one,” Jesus also declared. Perhaps the same as being fully immersed in the Infinite Ocean of Love. Still, how can one be in the Father and the Father be in him at the same time?

The real world can only be experienced from within. The real world is that which changes not. Who sees and experiences the real world? Only God, the Father, the Infinite Ocean of Love. The experiencer is God, Principle. This world is Principle¬†experiencing itself. Principle is not man, not a person. It is impersonal. It cannot experience itself¬†in its natural form, which is formless. Principle experience itself through “man” finding and experiencing his true Self, which is one with God. The True Self is God, Principle.

Men find and experience Principle, God in different ways, allowing Principle to experience its manifold dimensionality. So then, is man simply the avenue, the vessel through which God sees and experience itself? Yes!

Principle is constantly calling man back to his True Self, back to God. But man has become caught up in the call, caught up in the unreal world and experience, caught up in the search. Man has confused God’s search for himself with living an independent and material life. By the way, God has not really lost Itself. God is simply looking to have an experience of itself.

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