Your Pregnant Soul

If you have a sense that something is missing from your life, you are probably right. Your experience of being stuck, distracted, or dissatisfied with your life is a symptom of resistance or avoidance.

Your soul wants to give birth to something, and you are ignoring or resisting it. Ask yourself, what is clamoring for my attention right now?

If you refuse to give birth to that which is seeking expression in your life, you will be incomplete. So, write that book, start that business, forgive that person, dance, play, paint that masterpiece, or tell the world that you are in love with God and humanity. Then, you will experience life as a whole person.

3 thoughts on “Your Pregnant Soul

    1. Hi Leslielee,

      Thank you for your question. It sounds like you are creating something very special, or about to. Keep moving forward. Whatever you are creating is for you to create.

      Something being “hard” is not a real experience, but a product of our thoughts. We fixate on the how – time, resources, our skills, etc, and on what others think. We also think, “what if I fail?” Giving birth to our soul’s expression then becomes a dangerous thing. We think that we are taking a plunge when in fact we are simply doing something that is indigenous to our soul. We forget that it is our nature to be creative and give expression to our ideas. Our soul knows what to do. We probably should listen to it, and obey.

      Love & Blessings,

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      1. I love your perspective! And thank you for your encouragement. Sometimes I feel pulled toward passivity, which I think is also natural for the mind, to automate itself. The internet generally doesn’t help with this. But I agree that it’s easier than one would think. Authenticity is simple; it’s shedding the excess and doing what it is you truly feel like doing, out of playfulness, unencumbered by imagined pressures.

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