The desire to be right is to blatantly induce suffering.

The desire to love, to serve, to give is to live courageously in the midst of suffering.

Did you see it too? Or, heard it?

This morning, I watched the Divine removed the sheets from the sleeping Earth.

I thought I also heard a voice bellowed, “Wake up, everybody. Wake up. Now!”

Fear is a small shallow puddle masquerading as an ocean.

One small step forward will take you beyond it.

Sometimes the present moment grips me and refuse to let me go.

In those times, my best option is to comply and be its prisoner.

There is no need to be expectant about a better tomorrow.

Now, today, this moment, is absolutely perfect. And, so are you.

Live the better you expect tomorrow, today.

Unconditional Love is like the air we breathe,

It is always here, being used whether we are conscious of it or not.

You are incredibly courageous.

Despite everything, you are still here, choosing to give Life your best.