The moon visited the mountain last night, sat atop it for seemed like eternity.

She passed on a message to the ones at the mountain’s feet:

“Remain grounded in divinity.”

With all the places to go and things to do,

Choose to be wherever Love’s call is the strongest,

And to do whatever Love does.


On life’s journey, we are always arriving to begin again.

Always loving to love again.

Always becoming to be again.

Yes, we are ever unfolding like an unending cosmic wave of love.

The emptiness you discover when you look deep within yourself is the space that holds the entire universe.

Love likes to play this game called peek-a-boo.

When you close your eyes, Love is there.

When you open your eyes, Love is also there.

It’s a fun game, where you and Love always win.

Two butterflies enter an open field,

There is only one of them there.

Is there enough room for both of them?

Whomever you meet today, there is infinite inner space to be with them…

To be with you.


Did you see it too? Or, heard it?

This morning, I watched the Divine removed the sheets from the sleeping Earth.

I thought I also heard a voice bellowed, “Wake up, everybody. Wake up. Now!”