Camino Reflections

The Light within calls me forth with its spiral dance,

I follow.

It pulls me in.

It lights up the entire universe.

The universe dances.

Pay attention as you journey along the path to Being.

At some point, you realize that you are no longer the traveler but the path itself.

Truth is, you were always the path.


Below is a journal entry written while walking the 500-mile Camino de Santiago pilgrimage between July 21 and August 25, 2016. I was compelled to journal everyday during those 5 weeks.

I felt that I understood something very important today. That is, that “God” is a principle, the ultimate Principle. This principle keeps all things in their rightful place and functioning (although there might not be a limit to our functioning, since this Principle is All, infinite). It keeps the planets, stars, solar system, galaxies, cosmos in their place and function.

Principle has the river flows down instead of up. It has the birds fly instead of swim all the time. It allows plants to grow and be our sustenance. It allows us to breathe, grow, love and be wealthy. It allows us to experience just about anything.

Principle is Intelligence. It is all power. It is neither good nor bad. It is impartial, impersonal. It is understanding. It is health. It is all substance. It is thought [Mind]. It must flow through me, as well as flow through all that exist.

Principle is Life.

Can I know this Principle intimately? Even in asking, I feel that I must. For me, there is no choice. I must learn to give way so that Principle can flow through me, uninhibitedly. I am Principle’s vessel, conduit, body, it’s house. This is my life’s purpose!

We can experience the splendor of the universe right where we are.

But it is way cooler to go out and meet it.

What you experience will take your breath away.

We can form relationships in an instant but sometimes we choose not to;

We can deepen existing relationships by naming our fears and choosing to walk in another’s shoes, which means we get to listen more and judge less; 

We can understand more about our self from sitting still, or walking quietly, for 10 minutes than we can from reading a book, or listening to a sermon or lecture; 

And, if we choose, we can notice the constant presence of the greatest Principle in all of it. 

The truth about all destinations is that they are never really the destination. 

Destinations are a part of the journey. That means that when you get there, wherever “there” is, you still have further to go. 

Still, enjoy the break. Rest. Celebrate. And then move on to the next destination.