A Most Important Discovery

Here is a most important discovery that could benefit some of us.
For years, I had been thinking and behaving as though God provides for me so that I can in turn provide for my family and for others. I now see this concept as a mistake.

The mistake is in thinking that there is a me, family, and others separate from God. I say that God is All, that God is Everything. And I know this to be true. It is not a belief. Then, there cannot be anything, anyone separate from God. This then means that God, Principle only provides for Himself.

But even that is a mistake. God providing for Himself is like suggesting that the Ocean needs to go fishing. The concept implies that God can be in need; that it is possible for God to lack something.

Again, remembering that God is All. He already owns all. In fact, He is the only reality and source of Allness. He knows nothing about lack, or need. Everything that could be considered a need, he already is!

God is the only one that exists. Therefore, everything just is – transportation, nourishment, shelter, home, love, employment, intelligence, service. All are. They are never absent; Always present.

So, God does not provide for me or for anyone else. God is provision for Himself. And we are Him.

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