waking up

When some thoughts come

They clog up

Awareness of the

Present moment

And put you to sleep.

Before they return,

Clean out

Your thought pipe

Watch this moment flow

And stay awake.


I relax the muscles

Of the mind;

Rest the desires

Of the heart;

And stretch the limbs

Of infinite love

To wake up

In the company

Of your divinity.

When you can see the good in all things,

And know that the answer to every, “Who…?” is within You,

Then you can rest assured you are no longer sleeping.

Not too long ago, a mother wanted her 3-year-old son to say, “You can come and sleep over.”

Instead, the little boy said, “The big sleep will be over soon.” 

Our children know the Truth of the matter. 

Listen to the children and wake up!

Waking up and staying awake are not always easy. Our ego enjoys being asleep because then it gets to think only about its self even if there are others in its dream.

The irony is that choosing to stay awake is a kind of promotion for our ego. It gets to partner with Spirit in demonstrating a level of deep care for others that they only thought possible in their dreams.

You know it will be one of those special days when, as soon as you wake up, you hear a voice from heaven singing, “Morning, Love.”

Waking up can be frustrating, because of our attachment to being asleep.

As we wake up, we discover that our spirit is incompatible with some old ways of being and doing, appetites, conversations, acceptable measures of success, and thinking habits.

Big changes.

But do not panic. If we do not like the changes, we get to form new sleeping habits.

Then we get to wake up again.