For today, do not trouble yourself with troubles.

They will still be playing the same game tomorrow, next week, next year, and so on.

You get the idea…

As long as you look for peace, love and freedom in finite places – material things, ego relationships, social structures – you will remain in bondage.

Only in the Infinite can you know peace, experience Love, and be free.

What is real?

Constantly ask yourself this question.

The changing nature of things – feelings, thoughts, life situations – prove their futility and unreality.

Find That which does not change. Engage with it. Obey it. And when the time comes, surrender to it.

Then you will know what is Real.

The ego is the singular personality that evolves from the integration of the mind, body, and five senses.

Disintegrate these three culprits,

Choose not to interact with their children, no matter how cute they appear,

See the mirage they project in a futile attempt to hide the Self.

Travel beyond the unreality of these three culprits to discover the Self.


To constantly know what is real from what is not is the path to liberation.

Then you see there is nothing to hold onto, and

No need to hold onto anything.