unity with God

If you seek after the Divine long enough,

He will sneak up on you, and quickly pull you into herĀ infinite embrace.

Then you will know two things for sure:

One, he has held you in her embrace since the beginning of time, and

Two, she has really been hugging himself.

Your life was never yours.

Divine Principle, you have blessed me, inhabited me, taken me over completely;

Not to be a “me,” but to be you, through and through.

You are my purpose.

There is only being you.

So, I heard you want to be free,

To be liberated.

Reminds me of the man who lived on a small island who complained everyday about missing the ocean.

Pain is in the mind and the body. 

If we release our association and identification with them even for a minute, 

In that time we are free,

We are our True Self,

We are one with God.

You see, pain is not necessary.