unitive consciousness

Oh, Love.

Your touch.

Your touch is like none other.

It opened my heart wide open,

Caused me to melt into the allness of you,

Uttered strange sounds (sorry neighbor),

and turned my eyes into pregnant clouds at full-term giving birth.

I am speechless. Senseless.

I am touched and filled with Love.

Do that again, please.

But first, allow me a little time to recover.

Oh, how the fire burns!

But sit in it. Be Still.

Silent Sitting kindles a fire that purifies the mind and burns the ego to ash.

Sit in the fire.

When ablaze, it lights up the path that leads to union with the Infinite Ocean of Love.

Sit in the fire!

Be still…

When we willingly forget our labels of Dr. Mrs. President So And So,

We discover who we truly are:

Giant icebergs submerged in the Infinite Ocean of Love.

Follow your True Self, and watch fear and doubt disintegrate like a sand castle in the path of a typhoon.

Then see that the sand castle was not real.

The typhoon was not real.

Fear and doubt were not real.

The only real thing is the  Self

Until it melts away in the Infinite Ocean of Love.

Then, all that remains, all that is real, is the Ocean.