unitive consciousness

Despite our ideal name for that Infinite One, the chosen pictures in our shrine, or our preferred place of worship, we are all here, now, together, as One.

You might not have realized it, on account of some minor individual special touches by the Divine Designer –

Everyone is as you are,

Pure, Infinite Love.

Pay attention as you journey along the path to Being.

At some point, you realize that you are no longer the traveler but the path itself.

Truth is, you were always the path.


We and the Divine have an all-rounded relationship.

The Divine is the Circle. We are the circumference, and surface of that Circle.

We are the experience the Circle is having.

Wherever It goes, we go. We roll together as one.

We are absolutely inseparable from It.

I mean, can you ever remove the circumference from a circle?

That is the same likelihood of separating ourselves from the Divine.



Many experiences along the path to Being are like stepping stones to other richer and deeper experiences.

Do not get attached to any of them.

Do not weep if they seem fleeting.

Remain still.

Yearn after the Divine.

Enter into that perfect consciousness, the Divine Mind.

See the Divine everywhere, and in all.

Love without ceasing and without boundaries.

Then you will surely be in constant union with the Infinite One.


Tell me about the Mind of Love.

The Mind of Love is like an infinite ocean that is home to all of creation.

The Mind of Love thinks only about itself, you.

The Mind of Love knows only truth and its knowledge stretches beyond the boundaries of what the ego mind can know.

Most importantly, the Mind of Love is your Mind.

There is an end to the practice of meditation, as there is an end to using a map.

The end approaches when you transcend the duality of meditation – the meditator and the object of meditation.

The end is here when the meditator is no more, when only the object of meditation is all that remains.