true self

When it’s time for you to fly,

You might experience fear in the beginning,

Surrender in the middle,

And in the end, you become one with flying.


Even the Ocean, which sustains life, is not immune to judgments.

People say of the Ocean:

“It’s too dark,”

“It’s too salty,”

“It’s not as pretty as…,”

“It’s a bit smelly,”

“It’s too rough and wavy,”

“It’s too calm,”

And so on.

So, what chance does your body, personality, and ego have?

Forget about judgments.

Be who you are.


Going after knowledge and happiness outside of the Self is like buying the most expensive glass of wine from the most popular restaurant.

That is the same restaurant that is next to the 100-acre vineyard that is in your name, and that also produces the most exquisite wine in the world.

The Infinite Ocean of Love is your only home.

The desert is an illusion. We make the mistake of thinking that it is the desert that is our natural habitat.

We make the desert so real that we build a house there, establish laws and rules for desert living, and try to convince other people that this is their home.

It is not.

You have been duped by your mind.

Ask your heart, your Soul “Where is home?”

Soon enough, you will find yourself and everyone around you submerged in the Infinite Ocean of Love.

Scarcity, evil and suffering exist only until we discover our True Self,

Our True Self only knows abundance, goodness and peace because it is one with God, the All.

Find your Self, experience God and know only abundance.

Pain is in the mind and the body. 

If we release our association and identification with them even for a minute, 

In that time we are free,

We are our True Self,

We are one with God.

You see, pain is not necessary.

Where do you go when you want to remember something? Who do you turn to for answers to life’s deep questions? 

He who reminds and reveals is the real you.

The most beautiful bird, your perfect bird, is in the depths of your soul waiting to be freed.

Listen as it chirps. It sings to you.

Feel it pick at the walls of your heart.

When will you set it free?