surrender to life

Block the vision

Of the mind

To see Life as it is.

Rest the constructing hands

Of the ego

And touch

The raw materials

Of pure consciousness.

When I open

The hand of thought,

My mantra slips out

And I fall

Into the mind

Of endless peace.

Now, I have

No more hands

To hold onto anything with.

I can get used to

This empty-handedness.

I followed

The path to being

To the edge of

The infinite ocean

To the pinnacle of

The cosmic wave

And was born again

As a child of Life and Love.

Now, the path calls

Beyond the edge

Above the pinnacle

And crazy me answered.

Perhaps this time

I’ll meet my grandparents.

The beauty of being

Is not anything to be seen.

It is the whispers

Of Life’s invitation

To touch another’s heart

And us obliging.


Feel that beauty.

From the spaciousness of the Self

Reach into the groundedness of Life.

Then drop all reaching.

Be as Life Itself.