It is useless trying to protect material things. If you are, you are way too attached. And if someone  wants to take them from you, then you get to be generous.

The only thing worth protecting are your thoughts. And for that, you want to befriend some warriors, and have them stand porter at the entrance of your thoughts.

To be enlightened is a reoccurring experience.

The world is covered in light. Yet there are a few dark corners that must give way to light the way the earth gives way to the oncoming river.

All people are lights. And yes, some lights are dimmer than others. But not yours. You are a human torch.

Those dark corners are waiting for you. Wherever and whenever you show up you get to shed light your light. So, if you want, today, you get to be enlightened.

Material things, though nice, lose their power and reality to the degree of your understanding that life is not material. Life is uncontainable, infinite, and therefore spiritual. 
With this realization, the strangest thing will happen. You will always have the material things you need. They become expressions of your understanding. So, get understanding first.