spiritual surrender

When the Divine fills you up entirely,

You become an erupting volcano, emitting  pure Love that covers everything in its path.

Even now, you and the whole earth are experiencing Love tremors.

Oh, divine Principle.

May I rest in your presence always.

May this life be yours, and do your will forever.

May you accept me as a constant idea in your Infinite Mind.

May I be one with you.

Surrendering to the Infinite One is not a 30-Day Free Trial, with the option to Opt-out.

It is crossing the bridge to perfect Love,

And gladly burning that bridge behind you.

Being is loving. It is universal.

Being is true happiness. It is divine.

Being is holiness. It is sacred.

Being is trusting. It is surrender.

Being is Life. It is oneness with God.


The path to being is like a giant maze with multiple entrances and exits. There is an entrance and a path that is natural to you (not necessarily easier). Take that path – your path to being. The maze won’t mind.