spiritual partnership

Could we express love, be in and at peace, show kindness, and include others without bureaucracy, democracy, monarchy, or autocracy?

Could we live abundant lives in the most materially ‘deficient’ places and times?

Could we wish the best for all others even if they do and say unkind and evil things? Could we still thrive in the midst of the attempted normalization of such unkindness and evil?

Where is hope, love, faith, peace, kindness, joy when the world seems to be falling apart? Likely between the cracks. They are the forces holding it all together.

All together. Could that just be a concept, something unreal?


Does the hand despise the foot because one is positioned higher than the other? Does the tongue discriminate against the nasal passage before it is darker? When does the head ever say to the neck, “You are beneath me, fatty!” Or the elbows to the toes, “We’ve decided you are less  than us because you do all the dirty work.”?

All humanity, all nations are citizens of the Infinite, and are one in the allness of this universe.

Separation, discrimination, exclusion are all illusions. They are constructs of very small minds. Yes, these experiences can cause pain for the ones on the receiving end, until we refuse to accept them. In refusing to accept them we teach others to stop giving them.

Community is a fact of being human. It seems to be absent only when we think that it is, only when see those who are like us as separate from us, as other.

What are we without the other? What is the other without us? What is a nation, a people without a president, a queen, a dictator? What is this world without wars, trade embargoes, and hundred-foot walls to keep others out? Who are we without stock exchanges, shopping malls, and theme parks?

Who are we?

Could we still be humans?

Or am I describing such a radical way of being a human being?

When we willingly forget our labels of Dr. Mrs. President So And So,

We discover who we truly are:

Giant icebergs submerged in the Infinite Ocean of Love.

When change comes, be like the bamboo tree, bending but never breaking, always remaining true to the Principle that made it a bamboo tree.

Surrendering to the Infinite One is not a 30-Day Free Trial, with the option to Opt-out.

It is crossing the bridge to perfect Love,

And gladly burning that bridge behind you.