spiritual partnership

Surrendering to the Infinite One is not a 30-Day Free Trial, with the option to Opt-out.

It is crossing the bridge to perfect Love,

And gladly burning that bridge behind you.

When you discover your True Self, you must then prepare for the most important spiritual practice:

Being a worldly fool.

Of course, you, God knows that you are simply trusting and obeying.


If you ever experience a sense of being alone,

It is not because you are different or because anything is wrong with you.

You have simply been visited by God.

That can make being with anyone else, anywhere else seem inadequate.

Yet, is there any place where God is not?

Is there anyone who God is not with?

Look around. Look within yourself.

God is everywhere.

Where do you go when you want to remember something? Who do you turn to for answers to life’s deep questions? 

He who reminds and reveals is the real you.

Desire makes us deny what we have now:

Our true Self.

Our inner wisdom.

Our true voice.

So pay attention to this culprit called desire. He likes to dwell in the hearts and minds of men.

He is an unwelcomed companion on the path to being.