Spiritual identity

You think we haven’t noticed?

We see what’s going on.

You have a glow about you,

Things always working out for your good,

And all the other evidences of a divine conspiracy to help you prosper and inherit heaven.

We’re so happy for you.

P.S. – Since your secret is out, you can start acting normal again.


We would hardly mistake a child for the parent, an instrument for the musician, or a river for an ocean. Yet, sometimes we do.

Thank God! She is so patient with our mistaken associations, knowing that He is our Source and Substance.

Are you a reflection of man? Are you dependent upon man? Is another in charge of your life and purpose? Can another take what God has blessed you with? Can you be anything but Spirit’s offspring?

Thank God, no! So stop pretending.

Stay at home today. Do not go anywhere. You have a majestic kingdom within you. Remind everyone you meet as you travel today.