After sharing a home with Rishi (pictured) for the past year, I can see more clearly that,

Loving is not voluntary, only acknowledging it is.

It is as though this 17-pound cockapoo went into the depths of my soul and pulled love out. She did not even ask for my permission. This is my first time being pleased about an invasion.

Rishi knows the path to Love, to Being, without knowing that she knows it.

We all do too. Except that maybe we think about it too much.

It’s as though we are afraid to go where Love is.

Do not be afraid.

Even though Love resides within each one of us, no one owns it. You have permission to pull it out of everyone you meet.

Go for it!

Love is truly what we are and express.

How did you get here?

You have moved through the blazing fire,

Crossed over broken bridges,

And found a way to breathe under water.

How did you manage all that?

Well, I am sorry to break it to you, but you didn’t.

Look back.

You were actually Soul’s dance partner, waltzing and dipping through fire, across bridges, and under water.

Just for the record though, Soul finds you to be the perfect dance partner.

The Infinite Ocean of Love is your only home.

The desert is an illusion. We make the mistake of thinking that it is the desert that is our natural habitat.

We make the desert so real that we build a house there, establish laws and rules for desert living, and try to convince other people that this is their home.

It is not.

You have been duped by your mind.

Ask your heart, your Soul “Where is home?”

Soon enough, you will find yourself and everyone around you submerged in the Infinite Ocean of Love.

There are no isolated events or words. All actions and speeches are part of a larger unfolding and conversation. Yet, we tend to judge individual actions, events and conversations. When a driver brakes suddenly or your partner declares, “This is not working,” a typical response is to damn them to hell or launch a blaming game. Both are judgments and block learning and possibility.
Compassion opens up learning and reveals possibility.
Consider your most recent actions and words. What larger events and conversations are they a part of? Are they always in alignment with those larger goals? What will happen tomorrow because of your actions and words today? What if we invite our families, friends, clients, colleagues, and fellow citizens into this inquiry about being responsible for manifesting our greatest possibilities?
There might be less road rages and breakups.

If you have a sense that something is missing from your life, you are probably right. Your experience of being stuck, distracted, or dissatisfied with your life is a symptom of resistance or avoidance. Read Full Article