soul language

When soul meets soul,


When intimacy meets intimacy,


When freedom joins intimacy,


The purpose of Purpose is not to accomplish anything out there,
But to support your purest expression of Self and connection to God.


It is tempting to get caught up in the idea that purpose is work, career or vocation, or something that we accomplish out in the world. That is not the purpose I mean here. We never accomplish our purpose. That is because our purpose is not an end in itself. Purpose is the language of the soul. It is something we experience within. It speaks to us and guides us to Self-realization and divine connection. For some of us, that purpose is joy, harmony, divine connection, creation, or love.

Discovering our purpose is a highlight of human achievement and existence. When this happens, life suddenly has meaning beyond our sad stories and material experiences. We feel liberated. Clear. Energized. And we want to accomplish our purpose because it feels like the most important thing we can do in life. It is. And purpose cannot be accomplished. It can be expressed through actions. These are acts of purpose.

Acts of purpose are actions that make us feel connected to life, to Love, and to God. An act of purpose is how we speak our soul’s language. Speaking that language is like a bridge that connects mind to soul, ego to Self, and something to no-thing (being to non-being). When we perform acts of purpose we experience being more of our true Self. There are people who feel most like themselves when they are playing a musical instrument, teaching, writing poetry, meditating, healing, or caring for animals. Your purpose is to be the expression of this Self, not to be a musician, teacher, poet, meditator, healer, or veterinarian. Still, those acts of purpose are important. If one does them long enough, they could lead to a career or vocation. What a powerful experience it is when our work is purposeful!

When do you feel most like yourself?