Find the roots

Of disturbing thoughts.

Nourish them

With the nutrients

Of forgiveness

And kindness.

Cultivate the ground

For peace in all directions.

Take a tour of the structures of your consciousness, of your being

It’s your house, after all.

It is wise to know

What’s inside

And what it’s made of.

Otherwise, you might be robbed

Or host unwelcome guests

Without even knowing it.

The Source of your deepest connection with another,

Is the Infinite Ocean of Love.

Look beneath the connection to get to that Source.

Stay there.

Then your actions will be like drops of water from that Ocean.

The sanctuary you are looking for forever travels with you.

So, stop looking and start visiting.

Thoughts are like paint splatter appearing on an overused canvas.

The painting is a distraction.

Find the painter, and what the canvas is made of to experience the real masterpiece.