If you allow it,

The divine will remove all the identities you wear, layer by layer,

Until only your true nature remains.

Don’t get it twisted. This is not a metaphor.

Self-liberation is paradoxical, In that we…

Lose to gain,

Separate to connect,

Experience the dark to see the light,

Die to live, and

End to begin anew.

If life ever feels shallow and tasteless,

Dig deep into your soul,

Heavenly candy awaits.

Just be kind and share some of what you find.

You want to know what you are? To find the Self?

Let everything go:

Fullness and emptiness,

God and no-God,

Self and no-self,

Inner and outer,

Good and evil,

Pain and pleasure,

You and me,

Past and Future.

See what remains.

The Self is the abundant treasure hidden beneath piles and piles of ideas and personalities.

If you’re ready for this treasure, roll up your sleeves, and use the shovel of self-observation to empty the ground the Self waits in.

P.S. – When you find it, the whole world will be richer.

The emptiness you discover when you look deep within yourself is the space that holds the entire universe.