It is now time for re-creation: for Soul Seekers, the Liberated and Liberators to reveal and express radical harmony, our Love Nation, the true Infinite Spiritual nature of man and his at-one-ment with the Infinite One, God, Supreme Principle.

What does this mean for today?

Knowing this truth alone, and meditating on its reality is acting in the appropriate manner.

For now, knowing Reality is the necessary action.

If you are in a job, relationship, church, business deal, or life where you feel trapped, this article is especially for you.

This feeling of being trapped is a deep knowing that you must get out now, yet feeling unable to do so. It is as though you do not have the strength, courage, or will to move. You think that there is something wrong with you for wanting to escape that job, relationship, business deal, religious system, or life. You think it is because you are weak, lazy, childish, being a victim, etc why you have the urge to escape. Read Full Article