perfect man

We hold in our sadness as though, if expressed, it will usher in a cosmic disaster. The opposite is certainly true. If we keep our sadness in, we become sadly constipated. So, find a private place and release it.

Even when ‘lost’ in a crowd, feeling hurt by another, or being grilled in the boardroom for a ‘mistake’, you cannot escape It. You are constantly in Love’s crosshair. You are Love’s target.

It is on you even now. Gotcha! Happens all the time.

Now, go out into the world knowing that Love’s got you.

Spirit sees, hears, and is always being truth, life, and love. If only we could see what Spirit sees, hear what She hears, and be what He is, then…

Hold on a minute.

We do see. We do hear. And we are being.

That means that our world is the constant unfoldment of truth, life, and love. If only we all knew that.

Hold on a minute…

Someone says to another, “The sunrise is absolutely beautiful today!”

The other person replies, “Oh yeah? I can’t see it. Where is it?”

The first person answers, “I don’t know. I haven’t seen it yet.” Read Full Article