perfect love

Love is like air.

It is everywhere. It is immeasurable. It is Uncontainable.

And most of all, we are not responsible for it.

Yet, we can deprive ourselves and others from it by thinking that it is absent.

Then we hear a song, see a baby’s face, play with a puppy, smell the sweetest flower, or hear the words, “I love you.”

All those things are saying is, “Look, there Love is. Hear it. See it. Touch it. Smell it. Allow it to fill you up. Allow it to wash all over you over.

And remember to Breathe.”

Even when ‘lost’ in a crowd, feeling hurt by another, or being grilled in the boardroom for a ‘mistake’, you cannot escape It. You are constantly in Love’s crosshair. You are Love’s target.

It is on you even now. Gotcha! Happens all the time.

Now, go out into the world knowing that Love’s got you.