Your presence

Pulls back the curtain

That reveals Awareness.

Awareness dissolves

The barriers

That make you other than me.

Now that nothing

Is in our way,


I crawl to the edge

Of our Oneness

And attempt to jump over

Into the stream of individuality,

To live my own Life.

I am not alone.

All around me,

Billions moving as one

Unaware of the edgeless edge ahead

That falls into the single “my own Life.”

I surrender.

For me,

There is no escaping our unity.

When soul meets soul,


When intimacy meets intimacy,


When freedom joins intimacy,


Look deep inside anything or anyone in this world,

And you will find a love note in your name from the Divine.

Dear Soul Sibling,

I wanted to remind you that you are never outside of Love’s reassuring embrace. There is no place you can go, situation you can face, or state of mind you can be in to escape it. Read Full Article

Today in the news:

No deaths, acts of violence, poverty, or sickness were reported today. People everywhere joined in the grandest solidarity to celebrate life. The entire planet was awake. It was spectacular!

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