one with God

When it’s time for you to fly,

You might experience fear in the beginning,

Surrender in the middle,

And in the end, you become one with flying.


The Light within calls me forth with its spiral dance,

I follow.

It pulls me in.

It lights up the entire universe.

The universe dances.

We and the Divine have an all-rounded relationship.

The Divine is the Circle. We are the circumference, and surface of that Circle.

We are the experience the Circle is having.

Wherever It goes, we go. We roll together as one.

We are absolutely inseparable from It.

I mean, can you ever remove the circumference from a circle?

That is the same likelihood of separating ourselves from the Divine.



More and more, as we draw closer to the Divine,

We see all external situations as an invitation to take the next step and merge into Him.

Love, how could I ask you for anything more?

After all, you have provided the ultimate experience of the Real, and have accepted me into that Reality – my first home.

To see you,

To be with you,

To be your vessel.

How could I ask for anything more?

Oh, Love.

Your touch.

Your touch is like none other.

It opened my heart wide open,

Caused me to melt into the allness of you,

Uttered strange sounds (sorry neighbor),

and turned my eyes into pregnant clouds at full-term giving birth.

I am speechless. Senseless.

I am touched and filled with Love.

Do that again, please.

But first, allow me a little time to recover.

The Divine has opened the door to his Infinite Mind and allowed me access,

While at the same time, she has taken up residence in my house.

It is the new model of shared accommodation.