Your body, or anything else that is material, is not a true measure of your capacity.

You have an infinite ocean in your heart,

And a boundless sky in your consciousness.

Sit still, look inside yourself, and Someone will show you what I mean.

Immerse yourself in the Infinite Ocean of Love,

And you will be washed clean of me, my, and mine.

I opened the door, and was almost blinded by the Divine’s Light.

I now take extra precautions, and wear some shades whenever I sit to open the door.

Action flows from Purpose,

Purpose from Truth,

Truth from Self,

Self from Emptiness, and

Emptiness from silent contemplation.

There is an expressway on the path to Being.

When you arrive at the next life junction, look for “Silence & Stillness”.

Get on board.

“Silence & Sitting” will take you where you need to be.

I get excited whenever I hear people talk about the second coming of Christ,

Knowing that any minute now he will burst through the clouds of their consciousness.

May they sit and look for him everyday.

So exciting!